Learn how to keep your kid safe while they play a sport. This is the age when organized and recreational sports can become a big part of a child’s life. To help your child get the most out of sports follow these tips and guidelines.

Top Tips

  • Before playing organized sports, make sure your child receives a pre-participation physical exam, or PPE, performed by a doctor, nurse practitioner or qualified clinician under the supervision of a physician. Whoever performs the exam, the same practices should be followed, including the need for a medical history.
  • Encourage children to drink water before, during and after athletic activities or play.
  • Adults should be present at all times to ensure a safe playing environment and the enforcement of safety rules. This is particularly important for younger kids.
  • An off-season is important. It is recommended that kids get 10 consecutive weeks of rest from any one sport every year.
  • Make sure your coach is trained in first aid and CPR, and understands how to prevent, recognize and/or respond to concussions and overuse injuries.

Summer Safety Points

Read this blog post by Dr. Chelsea Burgin, a physician with GHS MD360, for more summer safety tips to keep your family happy, healthy and ready for the next adventure.