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Baptist Easley now offers Ear, Nose, & Throat services—with a pediatric focus—at Medical Center Powdersville. It’s the same level of personal Baptist Easley care, but in a more convenient location at the heart of the Easley and Powdersville community.



We are open 8am–5pm, M–F. To schedule your appointment, call 864.522.1252.

The least-invasive possible solution.

Advanced, less-invasive techniques including balloon sinuplasty, address sinus problems while preserving the mucus membranes for faster healing. Mucus membranes provide a valuable health function of clearing bacteria and irritants, so it is important, when possible, to keep them healthy and intact.

Pediatric ENT focus in Easley and Powdersville.

Children tend to have issues such as recurring ear infections. That’s why 30 percent of Dr. Wood’s patients are children. Here is the range of sinus and audiology issues Dr. Wood treats in children:

Ear infection
Sinus disease
Sore/strep throat
Hearing issues
Balance issues
Chronic rhinitis
Reduced ability to smell (hyposmia)
Screening for speech and language development issues

Heather Strader, AuD, focuses on testing, creating rehabilitation plans, and counseling patients and families about how to manage hearing loss.

An Indianapolis native, graduate of Wayne State University, with an audiology fellowship at University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill, she is delighted to join the team at Medical Center Powdersville.

Her focus is testing and creating treatment plans for adult and pediatric hearing loss, as well as counseling regarding management of hearing loss. Her extensive experience with pediatric cochlear implants enables her to be especially effective with children.