Leader of the Month

Congratulations to Joyce Piper, Manager at Powdersville Medical Park. Joyce is the first leader to be recognized with the newly revived Leader of the Month award. She was recognized by her staff who had this to say about her, Joyce always shows kindness to all of her employees. She listens to us when we show concern and/or have any type of questions. Joyce goes above and beyond for her team, whether it be giving us gifts to show appreciation for our hard work or making us feel very comfortable in the work place. She makes everyone smile and laugh even on our bad days and always shows compassion to anyone in her path. Joyce loves seeing the patients of the practice with a smile on their face and if they have a problem or concern, she always strives to find a solution. She is the back bone to our practice and we don’t know what we would do without her here with us at Powdersville Medical Park!

Employee of the Month

Congratulations to Brandy Wyatt, Lab for receiving the Employee of the Month award. Brandy was recognized by a patient’s husband who sent this in note detailing her kindness. “My wife has Parkinson’s disease. Brandy helped us to the outside door. My wife was walking using her wheelchair as a walker. At the door we told Brandy that we could make it from there, but she continued to watch her. While I was loading some things in the car, my wife who had parked her chair past the car, fell. By the time I realized that she had fallen, Brandy was already with her and had called for help. Thank you, Brandy.”