The Abundant Living program serves three main groups—the church congregation, the pastor, and the community at large.

To the congregation:

  • Age-specific wellness education
  • Survey to assess the needs of the congregation
  • Health promotion plan based on the survey
  • Community agencies and resources information
  • Individual information about health concerns

To the pastor:

  • Referrals concerning health issues
  • Visitation support
  • Ministry assistance in relation to the whole person

To the community:

  • Health education/training/screening partnerships with local agencies

Views of Abundant Living

“Serving God through serving others; this is also our mission.”
–Dr. Lloyd Batson, retired minister and volunteer Chaplain

“I believe Abundant Living is fulfilling the Great Commission by nurturing wellness in each other.”
–Boyce Tollison, M.D., former Medical Director, Abundant Living

“Abundant Living is the perfect outreach program for Baptist Easley Hospital. Through it we have the ability to promote good health and educate people about important health issues as they arise. It is an invaluable asset to the hospital and the community we serve.”
–Michael Batchelor, Chief Executive Officer, Baptist Easley Hospital

“Abundant Living allows individuals to use the medical skills God has blessed them with in service to their church and community. This program has been invaluable to our community in helping provide health screenings to people. I have seen several patients who were unaware of a medical problem until identified during a health screening or evaluation by an Abundant Living nurse.”
–Greg Edens, M.D., Former Medical Director, Abundant Living