A Congregational Health Promoter is a registered nurse or a lay person knowledgeable about the congregation’s theology and traditions and having an interest in helping others lead healthier lives. Working with the pastor and church staff, the CHP promotes physical, mental, and spiritual perspectives of health and healing.

This is accomplished in the following ways:

  • The CHP seeks to bridge gaps in health education and delivery without duplicating other services.
  • The CHP acts as a liaison for individuals, the community, and related institutions in providing health promotion and prevention services.
  • A CHP functions as a facilitator/trainer of volunteers; a health educator; a health counselor; an integrator of faith and health; and a source of referral with community agencies.

CHPs visit shut-ins and hospital patients; provide blood pressure screenings; provide or organize health education workshops; and plan health fairs that are open to the community.

The CHP can be helpful in counseling others about when to see their doctor. But it’s important to know the CHP does not perform invasive procedures, dispense medicine, or diagnose conditions.

If you’re interested in serving as a CHP in your church, contact the Abundant Living office at 864.442.7791.